Sufferfest Indoor Cycling Workouts

A couple of years ago I got a hold of a Sufferfest workout and used it over the winter months to help motivate me through indoor cycling video workouts.  Back then, David McQuillen, creator of The Sufferfest, was putting together his famous videos for his own training efforts and also posting them online.  Fast forward to present day and David has transformed The Sufferfest into a nice little business.

Hard Cycling Workouts (And Entertaining, Too!)

Anyone who has suffered from boring indoor workouts will enjoy The Sufferfests.  There are nine full-length 60 minute videos, one bonus workout (in case an hour isn’t enough), plus one video in Spanish and one in German.   If you’ve ever fried your brain from boredom or gotten frustrated with incorrect interval training instruction ( uh…where’s my recovery after asking me to go at 95% for three minutes?), you’ll appreciate any of the Sufferfest videos.  Not sure which one to get?  Here’s a handy dandy workout comparison chart.  Or, if you’re in for a long indoor workout haul, it may be worth it to buy a package deal.

Our cycling training videos are available by immediate download as .mp4 files (These are not DVDs). Choose, buy, download, watch on any computer, laptop or iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, PSP, etc., then get on your bike and follow the clear, on-screen instructions while you enter the biggest races in the world. ~ The Sufferfest

Extra Shot: The Long Scream

The crew is currently working on a new video set for release in early 2012 – more pain on the way. Update:  The latest torture session has been release.  You can now order Extra Shot: The Long Scream.

A 30 minute TT workout, featuring footage from the UCI Road World Championships in Copenhagen. Flat out against the best time trial riders in the world….can you suffer enough to stay with, and beat, them? ~ The Sufferfest

Here’s a preview of Extra Shot: The Long Scream.

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