SnOMGeddon Aftermath

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Gravel in the bike lane

The snow and ice have melted away but now we’re left with a layer of gravel in many bike lanes. It not only makes cornering a bit tricky but also increases odds of a flat tire. I spent quality time today digging shards of gravel out of my tires.

tiny sharp rocks stuck in bike tire

Tiny sharp rocks stuck in bike tire = potential flat.

Hopefully the street sweeper will make its way over most bike lanes soon. Until then, keep an eye on your tires and make sure you’re carrying spare tubes, tire irons and a pump!

Happy riding!

2 Responses to "SnOMGeddon Aftermath"
  1. Brad says:

    It’s awful! I hope it’s swept soon. My ride is 102nd/Burnside to 72nd. Lots of gravel. I swing to Glisan at 47th. Lots of twigs, branches and gravel all the way down to Sandy.

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