Indoor Cycling Videos

Here’s a rundown of indoor cycling videos to help get you through winter cycling season fit as a fiddle. From hard intervals workouts and recovery spins to time trialing and hill climbing, you can find just about every kind of cycling video workout these days.

The Sufferfest

The Sufferfest indoor cycling videos are top-notch: great workouts, motivating scenery, and excellent music.  You can’t go wrong here. You get both visuals and audio cues for when to hammer and when to rest.  I love these indoor cycling workouts.  www.thesufferfest

Ride Fit Indoor Cycling Training Videos

Ride Fit indoor cycling training videos give you a virtual outdoor experience.  Their on-screen digital dashboard show your critical ride information (resistance, cadence and perceived effort) and the terrain profile with progress indicator shows you where you are and what’s coming next so you can pace your ride appropriately.

Carmichael Training Workout DVDs

Train Right indoor cycling videos are workouts designed by one of the best cycling coaches out there, Chris Carmichael.  You are given plenty of recovery to really get the most out of the hard efforts.  This is interval training done right.  It’s worth noting that these cycling DVDs are NOT the most exciting in terms of visual experience.  You’re pretty much watching other athletes spinning on indoor trainers and sweating like maniacs — it’s like looking in the mirror and the music is lame.


These were the first indoor cycling DVDs I owned.  You’ll get a great workout but the intervals are a little bit frustrating.  My biggest complaint is the lack of recovery time you are given after putting in “95%” efforts for 1 or 2 minutes.  95% is just shy of every single thing I’ve got.  You’re gonna have to give me an adequate recovery period.  That frequently doesn’t happen. If you’re someone like me who takes percentage values at face value, you’ll either need to adjust your efforts or pause the workout to give yourself the necessary time to recover.  Also, the video quality and scenery are lacking compared to The Sufferefest or Ride Fit videos and the music sucks (IMHO).