Bike to Work

I’ve been riding my bike to work for a couple of decades now. It’s often the highlight of my day. Not to say work and other stuff is horrid, but cycling is such fun. Here are a few essentials for having the best bike to work experience:

  • Light yourself up like a Christmas Tree – even in the broad daylight. I’ve got a heavy duty bike light that made my wallet ache when I purchased the thing. That was more than five years ago and it’s still clamped to my handlebars, glowing brightly with every pedal stroke. Having a kick-ass front and back light will make you so much more visible and safe in traffic. I turn them on even on the nicest of days. I figure if it’s good for motorcycles, it’s good for bikes.
  • Fenders for Winter Riding. You will thank your lucky stars you’ve got fenders when the rainy season arrives. All it takes is one grimy, wet ride on a fenderless bike to convince most people that fenders are a thing of beauty when biking on wets roads.
  • Heavy Duty Tires. I’ve got some great commuting tires with a reflective strip and lots of tread. I haven’t had a flat on them in more than two three years of commuting. And the fact that they still have tread on them is a thing of wonder.
  • Clear Plastic Jacket. It’s cheap, waterproof, and easy to stuff into your backpack just in case you get caught in a downpour. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Bike Commute Challenge

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance sponsors the annual Bike Commute Challenge. It’s a great way to give bicycling to work a try and they have plenty of commuting resources for you.

And the League of American Bicyclists sponsors a Bike Month to help get your wheels rolling.