Uber Cool Bicycle Inner Tube Belt

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Reflective Inner Tube Belt

The last time I was at the wheel of a sewing machine was in 7th grade  – back in the days when girls were required to take home economics.  I did manage to make one poorly fitting fluorescent green shirt.

Others seem to have a natural knack for crafting.  Count Jessie of Bicitoro among those who know how to steer a Singer.  She recently made a snazzy looking Reflective Inner Tube Belt from a couple of discarded flat tubes and some reflective stickers.

I want one.

If you are so inclined, you can follow Jessie’s step-by-step tutorial and create your own fabulous belt.

She also makes really nice custom cycling jerseys fashioned out of upcycled merino wool sweaters.

One Response to "Uber Cool Bicycle Inner Tube Belt"
  1. Jessie K says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out, Leann! I’m totally stealing the phrase “knows how to steer a Singer.” :)


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