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Chutes & Ladders

standard Chutes & Ladders

A 60 mile bike ride with 3,610 feet of climbing in the foothills of Larch Mountain. It’s a beauty.

Cycling up Salmon Falls Rd

standard Washougal Skye Loop

There’s outstanding cycling north of the Oregon border. Here’s a ride that takes you to the rural Washougal community where you’ll find quiet roads and plenty of climbs. This route starts at Wallace Park in Northwest Portland but you can [...]

Green Mountain

standard Green Mountain Winter Ride

Green Mountain Loop is one of my favorite routes in the winter for a couple of reasons. It’s fairly flat so you don’t freeze on long descents and it offers a number of bailout points if the weather turns ugly.

Cycling up Saltman Road

standard Saltzman Springville Crazy 8 Loop

This is a great short ride that packs a nice punch. Have to get back in time for bunch with the family? The Saltzman Springville Crazy 8 Loop will have you back in time and you won’t feel guilty about having seconds on dessert.

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Super Bright Cycling Jacket

standard Super Bright Cycling Jacket

Call me crazy, but I’ve always been a fan of being visible on the bike. So when I wandered into a local bike shop a while back and saw this fluorescent orange cycling windbreaker — well, I had to have [...]

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Protected Intersections

video A Vision for Bicycle Safety

This video presentation of design ideas to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians at intersections is really well done. Take a look and chime in with your thoughts.

Gravel in the bike lane

standard SnOMGeddon Aftermath

The snow and ice have melted away but now we’re left with a layer of gravel in many bike lanes. It not only makes cornering a bit tricky but also increases odds of a flat tire. I spent quality time [...]

Happy Rain Ride

standard Happy Rain Ride

After spending last weekend holed up with Portland SnOMGeddon 2014, it felt great to ride in the balmy rain this weekend. O.K. “great” might be an exaggeration but “relief” definitely nails it. Our four-day winter storm confirms it. Yes, we [...]